so there’s this thing called social media…

Have you heard? Social media is taking over the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, one by one our lives are engulfed by the powerful influence of social media. I myself am an avid social media user, sometimes even obsessive I have to admit. I use social media all day, everyday; it is what keeps me connected. With my laptop and iPhone, I am probably on social media far more than I should be.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are among my favorite social media sites. Facebook and Instagram have become my main ways to keep connected with friends and family and Pinterest has led me to new recipes, crafts, and fashion ideas. But, my favorite social media by far is Twitter. I think Twitter is genius; it has it all! Not only can I keep up with family and friends, but I can get minute-by-minute updates on games, huge news stories, and even follow my favorite celebrities. I must confess that sometimes I use Twitter to share some pretty, how do you say it, “stupid comments,” but I try to aim at sharing thoughts and information that are important to my followers. (However, a few random, funny, or sarcastic tweets to create some laughter never seems to hurt anybody.)

I absolutely love social media. I think that it is a great way for people to stay connected and up to date with what is happening all over the world. It is a great tool for advertising, news broadcasting, and staying in touch with family and friends. I do recognize that social media comes with its fair share of negative effects. Social media can aid in spreading vicious rumors and truly hurt people. However, I think that the benefits of social media far surpass any harmful effects.

I truly believe that the presence of social media will continue to grow in our society. I think back four years and hardly no one had a Twitter. One of my friends had to literally force me to get one. However, now I don’t know a single one of my friends not on Twitter. Over time my social media presence has definitely increased. I have started to realize the benefits of using these sites, but want to know more. I hope that this social media class will help me understand the “correct” way to use these tools and how to most effectively use social media in a professional manner.


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